Project and Property Offers Complimentary Design Session

Regardless, Project & Property invites you to take advantage of its free design session. Come and meet our founder Daniel Tanner and tell him what you have in mind. 

Are you ready to remodel or only starting to think about making a change?

The free session is a great way to clarify your plans whether you’re ready to build right now or merely testing the waters.   

Deciding to remodel is a big step and an even bigger investment. Sometimes you’re not quite ready for the build. The planning process is a critical step, no matter how long it takes.  

“Researching what you want, looking at materials, and finding the right design takes time. We understand that,” says Daniel Tanner. “We can help narrow your focus and provide feedback that can help you save time and money.”

Daniel uses the free design session to gauge tastes and lifestyle. As an experienced contractor, he knows that connecting with customers and understanding their goals is essential to a successful project. 

“Working with a contractor is a very personalized experience,” says Daniel. “I’m getting to know about their kids and their family. I’m in their most private spaces like master bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s important to establish an environment of trust.”

Contact us to schedule your free design session now.

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