Top Five Kitchen Countertop Materials

On the road to creating a kitchen that is functional for you, choosing a countertop surface material suited for your lifestyle is an important step. Counters are where all of the action happens. They serve as a major backdrop in terms of visual appeal.

The materials and options you choose must be suited to your taste with utility in mind. Style and lifestyle should merge to find the ideal middle ground. Before splurging on this major update, learn about the pros and cons of the top five kitchen countertop materials to help you make the right decision for your home.

1. Quartz (Engineered Stone)

Looking for almost maintenance-free? It’s no wonder quartz countertops have garnered a loyal following in recent years. This non-porous material was created as a much more forgiving alternative to its natural stone counterparts, marble and granite. And forgiving it is! Stain and heat resistance makes quartz counters a top choice for many families.

South Florida Modern Kitchen Remodel featuring white quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Quartz is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, with veining similar to marble, without the hassle. Engineered stone requires no sealing, unlike natural stone. There really aren’t many cons to natural stone, with the exception of price. But with its toughness and durability, you are certainly getting what you pay for when it comes to quartz in your kitchen.

2. Marble

Marveling over marble? While this breath-taking choice is unmatched in natural beauty, its temperamental nature might cause you to reconsider.

Full modern kitchen remodel featuring polished Carrara marble countertops with waterfall edge, gold accent lighting, large cabinetry display with mixed black and blonde wood.

Timeless in its appeal, marble countertops create a high-end look in any kitchen. However, its penchant for staining can quickly compromise your dream vision. While its grey-toned veining helps to disguise light stains, there certainly is a learning curve when it comes to the maintenance of marble. Regular sealing and special care can reduce upkeep of the temperamental stone.

If you are up for the challenge, your reward will be a stunning marble countertop that is uniquely yours. No two sheets are exactly the same. There’s certainly appeal in that.

3. Granite

Traditional polished granite countertops remain the top choice for many homeowners. They have stood the test of time with good reason. Granite is extremely strong and durable. It is crack and chip resistant, and gives you the freedom of placing a hot pan down in a hurry without worry.

However, granite is a porous material. Without proper sealing, it will quickly absorb liquids, creating long-lasting stains. Granite can be costly but it is also known for adding value to your home.

Unlike solid surface countertops, granite will most likely come with seams. Natural stone is unpredictable so it is important to work with a team who is strategic about placement.

Comparable in price to quartz in most regions, granite requires a little extra care but most homeowners don’t seem to mind!

4. Wood or Butcher Block

Warm and inviting, wood or butcher block countertops only get better with time when they are properly maintained. You have the freedom of choosing nearly any wood, with maple and oak being top picks for many. Bamboo is a sustainable choice to consider as well.

This more affordable option does double duty by being both decorative and functional. While other budget-friendly options like laminate aren’t heat-resistant, butcher block countertops create a worry-free work surface where you can easily prep every meal.

Many homeowners mix materials, creating a focal point with an island featuring wood countertops.

Another plus is that wood naturally kills bacteria. Food prep on butcher block is a lot more sanitary than if you were to use a plastic cutting board. Still, it’s important to regularly wipe down your surfaces in order to maintain cleanliness.

Butcher block countertops are easy to repair. Scratches and nicks can be taken care of with sandpaper, wood filler, or mineral oil. While this functional surface may require a bit of regular maintenance, its attractive durability will prove to be a highlight of your kitchen.

5. Concrete

Contemporary concrete rounds out our top five choices for your kitchen countertops. If you are looking for a truly customizable countertop, concrete is a great choice. Concrete counters are typically precast in a shop, but can also be cast right in place, depending on the complexity of your project. Either way, they are made to order in any size and color you’d like, creating complete freedom for you to let your imagination run wild.

A stony grey hue tends to be the top choice for concrete countertops, although they can be customized to create a unique look.

Concrete countertops require minimal maintenance. Like other natural countertop materials, they should be sealed in order to minimize damage. Sophisticated and unusual, concrete counters are one of a kind.

Honorable Mention: Copper

Although copper countertops may not be the first material that pops into your head when thinking about remodeling your kitchen, we had to mention them here. This unique surface has risen in popularity and we can see why. The ambiance of your space is truly elevated when you opt for copper tops. They are relatively easy to clean and resist germs.

Because copper is considered a living surface, its appearance will patina, or develop and evolve over time. This is part of its appeal for many homeowners. When you choose copper, you choose to have a countertop that will grow with you and your family. How many people can say that?

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