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Daniel Tanner, South Florida General Contractor

Daniel has over 15 years experience in the construction industry. Born and raised in the suburbs outside Philadelphia, PA., Daniel worked his first jobs through high school and college. From his first swing of a hammer, to his first complete renovation, as a business owner, Daniel’s experience has allowed him to take his hands-on dedication to Palm Beach County, FL. and Nashville, TN.

Since 2008, Daniel has been honing his craft of premier home building and restoration. Quality and efficiency have become synonymous with Daniel and all he does.

Combined with his wife, Rachael’s eye for design, the Tanner’s have grown their family owned and operated business — one house, one job at a time, creating an unmatched multi-state custom home and lifestyle brand.

With Project and Property, LLC., Daniel has built a mechanism for you to create the luxury, comfort and sanctuary of your dreams.
Through the family-oriented business model and his hands-on approach, Daniel has restored real peace and the joy of living to so many families.

The Tanners reside in Lake Worth, FL with their two children and three dogs. Daniel also loves to learn and play pickleball.

Who Are We?

our team

Twelve years ago, Daniel Tanner embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, initially operating his business from the confines of his car, diligently seizing every opportunity that presented itself. Fast forward to 2024, his enterprise has thrived, now accommodating a team of 16 dedicated employees with prospects for further expansion. Our diverse team, comprising individuals across different age groups, shares a profound passion for creating exceptional structures and designs. The specialized workforce encompasses architects, interior designers, procurement managers, as well as project management and supervision professionals. Noteworthy is our commitment to providing individuals grappling with addiction issues a chance for a fresh start. Through a dedicated training program, we aim to enhance interpersonal skills, business acumen, and on-the-job expertise to elevate their employable skills.

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Location: 932 South Dixie Highway

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