Why You Should Renovate Your Home Before Selling

Have your sights set on selling your home? Both financially and emotionally, this is no small undertaking. Adding renovation projects to the mix may seem daunting. Whether time is on your side or the clock is ticking, renovating your home will greatly benefit your bank account and peace of mind.

Make An Impression

Although HGTV and similar home improvement networks may have you believing otherwise, most buyers are not thrilled by the prospect of remodeling. Many people tend to invest in the most expensive homes they can afford. In doing so, little room is left in the budget for renovations.

Homebuyers will not walk into your home and immediately be able to envision the results of a remodel. Instead, they’ll see your home for what it is in its current condition. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to make a lasting impression, for better or worse. These areas are where buyers know they will be spending the most time (and money, if work needs to be done!).

A freshly renovated kitchen will allow buyers to envision themselves in your home. You’ve put in the work, and they are willing to pay a premium to enjoy it.

Remodeled kitchens and bathrooms also allow buyers to gauge whether or not money has been well-spent in the home. These are the most expensive areas in terms of construction so they will be the benchmark for quality. Your sparkling new kitchen and bathrooms will make a lasting impression that potential buyers will not soon forget.

Increase Home Value

By focusing on the heart of the home, you will be maximizing your return on investment. In the most competitive housing markets, a kitchen and/or bathroom remodel pays off. Buyers are looking for fresh, well-kept homes with modern updates that suit their creature comforts.

Being strategic about your renovation and focusing on the major selling points of your home will add the most value, raising the price significantly.

Sell Fast

Some sellers hesitate to remodel their homes because they think it will be too time-consuming. This is not the case with an experienced design-build firm who will be able to make it an efficient, fast process that is complete in time for your home to hit the market.

Remodeling your home can actually save you time when it comes to selling. Outdated homes in need of repair tend to sit on the market, while a newly updated property will attract multiple bids right away. Buyers will be fighting over the lasting impression you created.

Taking the time to renovate your kitchen and bathroom before selling will save time later when you have the luxury of sorting through multiple offers and picking the best one.

Truly Enjoy Your Space

While ROI is an important consideration, the value of your enjoyment in your home cannot be measured. When you make the improvements with the comfort of your family in mind, it is sure to be done well, with quality workmanship.

Buyers will not be able to help but notice this and pick up on the feeling of warmth you have created in your space. Your home is sure to sell for a premium because of the lifestyle you have curated for the buyer.

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